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We offer more than just a booking system on your website. Untangle your mind from making websites work for you and let iBookPacific manage your conversions!

Cutting edge product that delivers mobile friendly responsive design element and offers social media integration with facebook. Bookings on the run has been made literal with iBookPacific!

Stand out from your competitors with iBookPacific. Most solutions just offer a booking engine for your rooms. We know that in the South Pacific, getting to your beautiful venue is half the battle. So we solved that problem too – with booking enhancements for your clients. Let them choose how they get to you, one-way, both ways, by sea, air, land, in-seat, private transfers. Forge closer working relationship with attraction and tour providers by listing their offers as well as increase your saleable proposition. We love win-win solutions – don't you?

Pacificbedbank NO Monthly Fee - Pay for Stays Only!

Pacificbedbank 2 Steps booking process

Pacificbedbank Custom build and can integrate easily to your website

Pacificbedbank Secure online payment gateway

Pacificbedbank Accept ALL card types

Pacificbedbank Features and upsell booking add-on or extra services

Pacificbedbank Multi Currency

Pacificbedbank Promotional Code

Certified Partner with TripAdvisor TripConnect Instant Booking

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What is TripConnect Instant Booking?

TripConnect instant booking lets hotels acquire bookings directly on TripAdvisor on a pay-per-booking commission basis.

Pay for Stays-Hotels pay only when bookings turn into guest stays

Direct Booking Benefits-Hotels own the guest relationship from the beginning

Set It and Forget It-The simple commission model is easy to set up and maintain

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Selection of 2 to 5 Star Hotels and Resorts within Fiji and the Pacific