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Connect in real time with travel wholesalers. Unleash your distribution and selling power with travel wholesalers!

Pacific Bedbank pioneered South Pacific’s true wholesaler version of the “channel manager” with its BedBankproduct– a state of the art system that distributes room or tour availability to any travel wholesalers, inbound operators or anyone that has a contract with a hotel/tour operator.

Without BedBank, a property would hope wholesalers would sell their rooms/tours based on allotments. Some would do well and ask for top-ups. Generally, it is only when allotments are released that property realizes they have undersold or oversold! Panic kicks in!

Online channel distributions for contracted wholesalers and agents

Largest supplier of room inventory in 11 South Pacific countries

Bookings up to date of arrival (well after allotments have been released)

Features up to 700,000 room nights p.a. available at anytime.

Our Services

What needs do PacificBedbank services meet?

Agents Global Access and Distribution

Seamlessly place last minute room inventory online and directly on travel agents' desks

Minimize communication costs

Instantly confirm free-sell and allotment room sales

Friendly Coding

Standard code specifications to interface with wholesaler reservations platform

Secured platform

Securely receives, transmits and stores hotel inventory and bookings data.

Free Support

Friendly online support available on phone, mobile, email and skype

Booking Report

Online productivity report by Booked On or Checked In

Our Clients

Selection from 350+ registered Wholesalers, Inbound agents, Hotels, Resorts and Cruises